Earning Extra Cash

Earning Extra Cash

Earning Extra Cash

While it might not get you super rich, there are ways to earn some extra cash while, you know, looking for the best softcore on the entire internet 😉 this is what people call ‘passive income’. The following are some of the services we recommend for you, sexy beast.

Link Shorteners

Adf.ly Icon

Oh, the good ole’ Adf.ly. It’s been around for years now (since 2009) and it’s pretty popular because of its nice CPM rates, quality service and quick payments. Apart from the ‘link shortener’ services it also provides other forms of revenue like Intersitial, Pop and Banner ads. We recommend using Adf.ly for non-adult links. If you want to share adult content then please check out Adf.ly’s little bro, Adult.xyz (down below). Click here to join Adf.ly and start earning!

Adult.xyz Icon

Adult.xyz is the new little bro and companion of Adf.ly made specifically for adult link shortening (sounds like an ingredient or something right?). Since it’s made by the same people you can enjoy the same benefits of Adf.ly too. Click here to join Adult.xyz and start earning!


JuicyAds Icon

JuicyAds is an award-winning adult advertising network that’s been around since 2006. You can directly sell ad spaces to advertisers or buy ad space from different websites. Good and sexy things include high CPM rates, 100% fill rates and multiple ad formats. Click here to join JuicyAds and start earning!

PopAds Icon

Who doesn’t love pop ads? Heh, we all do of course! PopAds is one of the most well-known ad networks today. It offers exclusively pops (Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup) and works on a CPV (bid set for each pop) model. While it is a somewhat annoying ad format, it sure brings in some sexy cash! Click here to join PopAds and start earning!

I Want To Know More!

We hear ya. If you want more in depth information about adult money making ventures we recommend the MakeMoneyAdultContent blog. It has detailed reviews, tips and tricks to make easy money online with adult content… tons of ‘BadAss’ information indeed!

Stay sexy friends! Winky Wink 😉