Extra Mile Scenes

You might have stumbled upon this mysterious word while browsing the sexy web looking for some good ole’ softcore. Maybe in a blog or in a video title. But what exactly is an extra mile scene?

According to our (not) extensive (not) research, the word extra mile comes from people using it in phrases like “Wow, that actress / actor truly went the extra mile on that scene!” meaning that real, unsimulated sex happened. Damn. Such a fuzz for people having sex.

It’s very common to have simulated sex on mainstream movies and softcore, and in some rare cases (and if you look closely… REALLY closely) you can actually see either a penis sock or vagina patch. Nice!

Penis Sock In Softcore
Look ma, no penis!

Extra Mile on BadAss Softcore

For all intents and purposes, the extra mile tag here is used as a sign of a softcore scene having most likely real sex (or showing some substantial penis / vagina). It’s hard to tell with 100% certainty since most of the time shots get darkened, blurred, out of focus, or the director gets creative and puts flower pots and weird objects right in front of the action. Awesome!

Some Resources

Curious? Want to know more? Here are some links:

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Of course, you can also browse our list of extra mile clips. You’ll find some hot and steamy scenes for sure.

Stay sexy friends! Winky Wink 😉